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Supported ecus

This list is updated once we add new ecus to parsers


EDC Suite PRO is supporting a number of ecu types and almost all versions of each ecu software.

If you are using EDC Suite PRO and some ecu file that is suposed to be supported is not correctly detected, report original file and we will take care of it!

Automatic tests

To ensure best software quality, we are conducting QA tests over parsers.

Failed Test performed on EDC Suite PRO ecu type means at least one map is missed from detection or wrong detected. We are working for improving algorithms every day, so this can change from minute to minute! (detection algorythms are stored on our servers, so update on your side is made instantly after a fix on parser or development is done)

  • BMW EDC16C31/35 - Test Passed (1/18 files failed)
  • BMW EDC16CP35 - Test Passed (0/12 files failed)
  • BMW EDC17CP02 - Test Failed (3/9 files failed)
  • BMW EDC17C06 - Beta Stage
  • BMW EDC17C41 - Beta Stage
  • BMW EDC17CP45 - Beta Stage
  • Opel EDC16C9/39 - Test Passed (2/18 files failed)
  • Opel EDC17C01/18/19/59 - Test Failed (7/25 files failed)
  • PSA EDC16C34 - Test Passed (2/18 files failed)
  • PSA EDC17C10 - Under development
  • VAG EDC15P+ - Under development
  • VAG EDC16CP34 - Test Passed (2/26 files failed)
  • VAG EDC16U1/31/34 - Test Passed (1/125 files failed)
  • VAG EDC17CP04/14/20 - Test Passed (2/99 files failed)
  • VAG EDC17CP44 - Test Passed (3/35 files failed)
  • VAG EDC17C46 - Test Passed (1/48 files failed)
  • VAG EDC17C54/64 - Test Failed (protocol disabled) (8/32 files failed)

Full tests are performed again before any new release to ensure every ecu file that worked before is working after update too!

EDC Suite PRO Changelog

  • 01/12/2020 - GUI v1.0.0.1 Online file parser added to EDC Suite PRO (v0.0.1)
  • 23/09/2020 - v0.0.0.5
    • HEX viewer (editor will follow in a future release)
    • Added debug step when license failed to validate in order to help you quicker.
    • !! One click extrapolator (percent/trend)
    • !! Map Export/Import (Values/Percent/Difference)
    Last 2 features are available for Full version, but until all functionalities of Full/Premium version will be released, will let Base user to use them too.
  • 20/08/2020 - v0.0.0.4
    • Fixed duration map detection for EDC16C31
    • Improved map detection for VAG EDC16CP34 (Still work in progress for some maps, but most of maps used in stage 1 tuning are there)
    • Added missing maps on EDC16C(P)35
    • Added automatic bosch hardware number detection on ecus that have that informations in ecu dump
    • Added SW/HW number detection on VAG EDC16 and 17 ecus
    • Added detection for MAP and Rail sensors on most VAG EDC16 and 17 (if you find any EDC16U or EDC17C(P)14/20/44/46 that MAP linearisation is not correctly detected, please report it from software and will check).
  • 10/08/2020 - v0.0.0.3 - Fixed some bugs related to error handling.
  • 07/08/2020 - v0.0.0.2
    • Fixed CSV import + error message when imported file (csv/a2l) is not valid.
  • 03/08/2020 - v0.0.0.1RC
    • Fixed detection of SOI maps for EDC16U ecus that have multiple codeblocks (U31/34)
    • Added smoke by map limiter/turbo maps for low power EDC16U ecus (< 2000 mbar max boost)
    • Added option to choose font family/size/weight for map editing
    • Added option to use fill or scrollbar for columns when editing (useful on low resolution screens and on large column maps like durations on BMW ecus)
  • 31/07/2020 - Initial Release